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GFE - Cooper Tires

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Features and Benefits

The GFE, Cooper's first tire to focus on lower rolling resistance, utilizes advanced design and materials technology to maximize fuel economy, saving money at the pump while providing excellent traction and treadwear. The GFE is a touring tire targeted for fuel-efficient vehicles, but is also offered in popular broadline sizes.

Ultra Low Rolling Resistance Tread Formula:

Reduces energy used when rolling through the tire footprint which improves gas mileage.

Enhanced Tread Polymer:

New materials technology provides long life while maintaining a superior level of performance in all weather conditions.

Advanced Silica Technology:

Nano-materials technology enables an optimal balance of wet traction, dry traction and improved fuel economy.

Ventless Technology:

Utilizing ventless technology in the tread area, the GFE exhibits a crisp, clean, premium appearance.

Traction Compensating Sipes:

As the tread wears down, the length of the sipes increase to provide more biting surface to maintain traction throughout the life of the tire

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